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Looking to invest in real estate? Need space to set up your business? Don’t have the time or resources to research market trends? You’ve come to the right place.



At the forefront of real estate acquisitions, we stay intensively connected to the market.  Monitoring every acquisition, every property, every price, and every trend; so you don’t have to. Our company has acquired over 700 investment properties and we serve clients in over 9 countries and 30 states. Join hands with us and start building your portfolio today.

About Lion House Property Solutions

Lionhouse is a premier real estate investment firm based in Florida with the aim of providing all our clients, not the property solutions they need, but the solutions they dream of. With years of experience under our belts, we are always aware of changing market trends and how to profit from them.

Based on this experience and a vision to help people strengthen their economic asset portfolios, we decided to establish this firm. Founded by Elliot Williamson (CEO/Owner) in 2014, being a veteran in the real estate industry, He decided to share his wisdom with the world to transform his dream of a better and financially secure future; into reality. And that is what Lionhouse has been doing for its clients ever since. When it comes to property management, irrespective of the risk and complicity involved, we can work out a way for you to profit from it. All you have to do is give us a call.

Who we are

Lionhouse is built upon the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. These are the cornerstones of our organizational philosophy. Every action undertaken by our agents is governed by a strict code of conduct, because letting you compromise on your desires, is something we can’t tolerate. We understand how sensitive real estate investments can be considering the huge capital tied up in it; therefore, we do our very best to ensure you get the deal you deserve with the utmost ease and clarity possible.


Markets can be deceiving, and many real estate agents may seek to take undue advantage of this deception and keep a larger portion for themselves by providing false information to their clients. This is something frowned upon at Lionhouse and everything you see is exactly as depicted in the market and simplified according to your needs.

Integrity. Honor. Rectitude

Whatever we may call it, integrity is an essential part of our operations and you will always find the property solution you came for. No strings attached and no shady dealings.


Even if a firm does deal honestly and fairly. Not knowing the entire data set, you cannot make the most informed decision. Perhaps knowing the full picture may have changed your decision. For this reason, we lay all the information and evaluations we gathered at your disposal so you can confidently decide what you want knowing that it’s the right decision.

What we do

Lionhouse offers a range of services including commercial acquisitions and property asset management. Your concern always comes first and no step will be taken without providing you a detailed picture of the costs involved, alternatives available and profitability analyses. Stay informed. Make better decisions. That’s our number one rule.

We help our clients keep an eye out for profitable investments and assist them in seizing the opportunity. Thus, we can save you immense amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent running around the market, gathering information and talking to a dozen different real estate agents. Instead let us do the talking and running around. As professionals, we can assure you that you get the most accurate, relevant and recent trends in the market making your decision as robust as possible. All this while you sit back and focus on other important matters of business, or maybe spend precious time with your family.

Our Process

Our primary objective is to build revenue-generating rental properties for our valued clients by investing in single-family and commercial properties for them. We do this by acquiring properties including offices, retail stores, hotels, and other commercial properties in various growing markets. Information regarding these properties is relayed to you along with suggestions on where to invest. A lot of factors are taken into account here including opportunity costs, risk premiums, interest rates, property taxes and more. All condensed into simplified key points for you to base your decisions on. Or if you’ve had your share of the real estate market, our agents would be more than happy to provide you with the full picture including derivations, trend analyses, and much more. The details are entirely yours to decide!

Once you give the green light, our agents will execute your demands to the best of our abilities and help you get the property you’ve always dreamed of.

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We always love to hear from our clients! We strive to improve upon the feedback we receive from you and hopefully serve you better in the future. Whether its to file a complaint, inquire about a service or just chat about property in general. Give us a call! Or float an email whenever you feel like it.

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